Services Available

Intermodal Freight

  • RTP logistics has the capability of shipping containers or vehicles using multiple modes of transportation (rail, ship, and/or truck) with- out any handling when changing transport.
  • This form of distribution improves security, reduces damages and loss, while increasing the speed of delivery.

Tanker Shipping

  • Tankers are available for shipping liquid products, such as petroleum, wine and other foods.

Heavy Haul Flatbeds & Step Decks

  • RTP has a wide range of open trailers in various sizes, available for a variety of shipping needs.

Ocean Container Drayage

  • Drayage is a convenient way for RTP logistics to manage, move and store your valuable products for conventions or temporary use.
    • We complete all inbound carriers’ receiving documents.
    • Handle the care of unloading and delivery of goods.
    • Store empty cartons/crates and extra products at or near the site.
    • Pickup of the goods and load back into the carrier.
    • Complete all outbound carriers’ shipping documents.

Heavy Haul

  • Heavy haul shipments always create special challenges for shippers.
  • RTP logistics have the resources to overcome all requirements that can be involved such as:
    • Organizing the appropriate routing requirements.
    • Having appropriate trucks and trailers available.
    • Taking care of all the permits and acquisitions required by governments, municipalities, and states.

Full & Partial Truckload (Dry Vans)

  • Dry vans are time sensitive, so RTP Logistics finds out what our customers need, and manage a solution that fits any application perfectly. Shipments are tracked from pickup to delivery. Once the shipment is completed a proof of delivery (POD) is provided

Air Freight

RTP Logistics provides the following services:

Consulting Services Transportation
  • Same Day
  • Overnight
  • 2 Day
  • 3 Day
  • 3-5 Day Economy
  • Counter to Counter
  • Door to Door
  • Airport to Airport
  • Warehousing
  • 24/7 Pick up & Delivery

Less than Full Truckload – LTL

  • RTP Logistics offers LTL motor freight service to clients who require motor freight carriers (common carriers) to move their products.