Why RTP Logistics?

Pickup and Delivery is available 24/7

  • Add convenience to your shipping needs.
  • We can work with you to organize pickups and deliveries for any pre-determined time you need.
  • Shipments are controlled so that product is on time for increased efficiency.

Convenient Door-to-Door Delivery.

  • It doesn't get any handier than this! Ship your product with a safe, reliable and affordable service. Door-to-door delivery cuts labor time by only requiring loading and unloading once.

Proof of delivery with every shipment.

  • Proof of delivery is a reliable way to establish receipt of delivery and that the product has been received in good condition.
  • RTP Logistics confirms proof of delivery to ensure that our customers have the best service available.

We ship any size or weight cargo.

  • RTP Logistics handles cargo that many companies refuse. No matter the size or weight, we have the skill to provide shipping for extra-large freight or very-small packages.
  • In addition to shipping full truckloads and International Cargo, RTP Logistics offers "Less Than Truckload" (LTL) freight and small package deliveries.

Warehousing Services are available.

  • Public Warehousing: A public warehouse is a flexible space that offers flexible costs, fitting the needs to an individual business. Various benefits include:
    • A warehousing solution for variable inventory requirements.
    • Aids businesses with seasonal product flow.
    • Temporary storage for product overflow.
    • New product or new region storage.
    • Multiple distribution points in a specific region, saving on many small deliveries.

Contract Warehousing:

  • Contract warehousing is an ideal solution for companies seeking a dedicated facility that is well located for the best possible service.

Cross Docking Solutions:

  • Cross docking is a solution for companies who find they are shipping to multiple customers in a specific area, resulting in frequent and costly small shipments. By reducing the number of shipments, increasing the size of loads and utilizing public warehousing, it is possible to reduce the cost on distribution immediately.
  • Companies who require warehousing for unloading and integrating bulk shipments from various destinations can combine, add SKU’s, and fill purchase orders.
  • Make it possible to set up and become active in a regional market that demands short delivery times.
  • An easy solution to companies who have minimum space, increasing company growth.
  • RTP Logistics can help collaborate shipping and warehousing to reduce overall distribution costs.

Cost saving delivery options

Web Based LTL Shipping